McMaster Health Sciences: Selection process

Admission to the McMaster BHSc program is essentially based on two pieces of information: 1.) Your courses and grades; 2) Your supplementary application.

Course and Grade Requirements

Before your supplementary application is even considered, you must first meet the course and grade requirements. The course requirements are:

  • Biology (SBI4U)
  • Chemistry (SCH4U)
  • English (ENG4U)
  • One of:
    • Advanced Functions (MHF4U),
    • Calculus & Vectors ( MCV4U) or
    • Mathematics of Data Management ( MDM4U)
  • One non-math, non-science, non-technology 4U/M
  • One additional U or M credit to total six

In terms of grades, applicants must have a Grade 12 course average of 90% or higher.

“Wait, don’t I need like a 98 average to get in?”
No, this is a myth. Read this to understand why.
Supplementary Application

The supplementary application is an extra component of the McMaster BHSc admissions process that evaluates the applicant beyond academics. It consists of 3 small essay questions (1500 characters max.) used to assess the problem solving, creative thinking, personal qualities, communication and writing skills of the applicant. Only students who meet the course and grade requirements will have their supplementary application read and scored.

In 2012, the 3 essay questions were: 

  1. What in your opinion defines you as you?
  2. Select a four letter word in the English language which should be preserved and explain why (no contractions).
  3. Describe your most difficult experience in dealing with others and how did you handle the situation? 
NOTE: The essay questions usually change year to year.

Click here for more information on the supplementary application from the official website.

For advice on how to write write your essays, check out my Application Guide.

Offers of Admission

Your supplementary application ranking and final/interim Grade 12 marks will be used in combination to determine whether you receive an offer of admission to the program. Thus, successful applicants usually have a high ranking in both grades and supplementary application.

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