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March Break

We are on March Break now, and taking a very much deserved break. We took the time to make this video with our friend, Andrew Chin.



A List of Med Student Awesome

Recently, I found myself waiting for someone at Mount Sinai Hospital. To my joy, there was a Chapters bookstore on the main floor (a bookstore in a hospital! How awesome is that?) So there I was, in all my frazzled med student glory, with my coat and backpack on, wearing sweatpants and Uggs, as I picked up the closest book to me and started reading it.

I happened to pick up The Book of Awesome. It was truly the most awesome book. It’s essentially a laundry list of all these priceless life pleasures that make you smile and feel great. Examples? Walking into a bakery and deeply inhaling warm bakery air, finding unexpected money in your pocket, and actually fixing electronics by smacking them. Even though I was standing there with my coat and a 20 lb backpack on, with 3 hours of sleep the night before, I just couldn’t stop myself from chuckling out loud. After all, you have to get a dose of happiness once in a while.

Inspired, I decided to put together a list of 5 little life pleasures that make me, as a medical student, smile. So here it is! Enjoy!

1. A Skipped Lecture on the Exam

This one is where you get to finally beat the system- instead of the system beating you. This is the story of that one 1-hr lecture you skipped, with the intention of relistening to it and studying it later.
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5 Reasons Why a Med Student Should Have a Smart Phone

After being on the same old crappy Nokia cell phone for more than five years, I finally stopped being lazy and got myself a new phone this past June. But not just any phone, no – I went ahead and spoiled myself with a Blackberry Bold 9700.

Probably more than any purchase I have ever made, having a smart phone has really “changed my life”. I’m sure some people will think that’s a pretty exaggerated (or maybe even stupid) thing to say, but believe me when I say it’s not. Having a smart phone makes me feel constantly connected to my social network but also to the rest of the world. No matter where I am I have access to a ton of people and a ton of information. And all I need to do is whip this small device out of my pocket.

A smart phone is especially useful for people with busy lives, including med students. Are you a med student and still not convinced? In that case, I present to you, my top 5 reasons why med students should have a smart phone:

5. Passing time in lecture

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Best Birthday Surprise Ever

*Please turn up your volume

Thanks a bunch to Shelly, Jess, and Roy for the awesome surprise.

And an extra special thanks to Shelly for organizing and producing the video! =)

Oh and I’m sorry for ruining the ending guys…