HD: Why Don’t More Doctors Do House Calls?

Just wanted to quickly promote an article from HealthyDebate called: Why Don’t More Doctors Do House Calls?

In the middle of the article, it mentioned a survey:

…Akhtar’s sentiment is backed by a recent survey she sent to the family medicine residents at the University of Toronto about the perceived barriers to doing house calls in their future practices. In her survey, lack of experience and mentorship were among the most frequent responses…

I actually worked with Dr. Akhtar on a research study this past year, and the survey mentioned was one of the pieces of our project (I’m hoping to write the paper up for this soon). It’s nice to see our work highlighted, but it’s even more important that the oft-forgotten topic of physician house calls (which I believe is a necessary component for our health care system for certain patients) is being more and more brought into the discussion.

It’s a good article and I encourage everyone to check it out =)

P.S. I’m also happy to answer any questions people have about physician house calls if anyone was interested.