– My New Essay Consulting Project

You might have noticed a big change on the MedHopeful homepage today. If you’ve missed it, go back and you’ll see what I mean – you can’t miss it!

Over the past 4 years, I’ve spent many hours writing about applying to scholarships, awards, programs and medical school. I’ve been happy to answer any questions that I could from future applicants.

I have also reviewed essays for many applicants and done my best to try and help them succeed. Many of the applicants I have helped, both with essays and at interviews, have done very well.

A knack for consulting

I really enjoy the consulting process for essays. I believe I have an innate knack for it.

Getting into the heads of admissions committees is something that has just always made sense to me. I would always think deeply about what admissions and awards committees were thinking. Why are they asking me this question? How should that affect the way I answer? This understanding has evolved over the years through my own personal experiences as well as my experiences helping others.

This blog was a natural extension of all those reflections. I think the fact that I have been able to write so much about admissions and applications is a testament to my genuine interest in these processes, and the insight I am able to offer.

Compelled to create “stuff”

I have also come to realize that at my heart and soul I am an entrepreneur. I have always loved starting and growing projects.

When I was a kid, that meant school science projects. In high school, that turned into school clubs and social advocacy groups. Eventually that led to things like Shad Valley and SMARTS. In university, that started to include projects like MedHopeful.

The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me that nothing drives me more than developing and growing projects. I love identifying a problem, conceptualizing an idea to solve it, and then making that idea a reality. I also love helping other people to succeed with their own projects.

Introducing EssaySensei: 1-on-1 essay help

The result of all of these thoughts is the creation of EssaySenseimy new service to provide 1-on-1 help with essays for medical school, scholarships, awards and programs.

I see it as the perfect platform to combine my interests in essay consulting with my entrepreneurial interests. It is also a perfect extension of the work I am doing here at MedHopeful.

I have been very fortunate that writing effective essays is something that came fairly natural to me. I realize, however, that this is not the case for many applicants, who often are excellent candidates otherwise. If this is you, I want to help you put your best foot forward. I don’t think you, your future patients, and the rest of the health care system should miss out on your talents simply because writing isn’t your forte.

Through EssaySensei, I will be deeply analyzing your essay drafts, and finding opportunities for improvement. I will help you improve the ideas, structure and flow of your essay. I will help you convince the admissions committees that they need to meet you in person for an interview.

Whether or not I end up working 1-on-1 with you, I wish you the best of luck for whatever you are applying to in the next year.

Interested in getting essay advice from me? Visit EssaySensei to learn more.